Homemade Lip Scrub

Nov 5, 2015
With cold weather comes dry skin and that’s not what we have been waiting for. So now it’s the perfect time to show our skin some love and get them prepared for the colder days ahead.

Black French Manicure

Jun 14, 2015
Finally it’s time for us to relax and enjoy the weekend! For today I wanted to do something different so I have prepared a unique nail art tutorial for you guys, the Black French Manicure.
Once in a while I like to be a little bit crafty. For today I decided to do a small D.I.Y. project turning a men’s shirt into a wearable girls tank top. I have done this D.I.Y. a couple of times now and I have to say I really enjoy customizing my own shirts as I end up wearing them through all seasons.