How To: Clean Brushes

Apr 11, 2016
Knowing how to properly clean your makeup brushes is the key to help extend the longevity of your investment, so lets start now and make cleaning those brushes be a part of our regular beauty routine, shall we?!
Let me introduce my go-to hairstyle of the moment – the half-up topknot! I have been rocking this hairstyle for the past couple of weeks and I’m still loving it. This half-up topknot hairstyle is my current lifesaver.
To kick off the first post of 2016 lets get started with this easy peasy tutorial where I show you the basic steps on how to get your eyebrows #onfleek but still remain your natural eyebrow shape.
It’s not out of the ordinary that we all want to look our best on New Year’s Eve. For today, I have prepared this easy hair tutorial where you can create loose curls with just a flat iron.
I love to rock vampy lips once in a while, especially on special occasions – it just glams up the whole look immediately. That nice sultry, sophisticated and kind of mysterious look is what I find appealing and the best part is that everyone can pull this look off!