April Favorites

May 2, 2016
Time for some monthly favorites! I’m truly impressed by all the drugstore/low-end brands, ‘cause they really don’t play and have step up their game strongly than ever! There were only a few products that didn’t make it into this post, but the products that did make it, have all surprised me in every single way. If you’re curious then keep on reading and let me share my thoughts on these products!

February Favorites

Mar 1, 2016
It’s been a while since I did a Product of the Month blog post, but don’t worry it’s all worth the wait ‘cause I got some new exciting products to talk about.

November Favorites

Dec 1, 2015
Are you ready for some beauty updates?! There is a slight change in my daily makeup routine and it’s all because of these awesome beauty products. These products have been my lifesaver for the past few weeks; I have never been this quick getting ready in the morning before. If you’re curious about these products of the month, then don’t hesitate and follow along as I mention them all individually.

September Favorites

Oct 1, 2015
Ladies, it’s time for some beauty updates! Yes, it’s that time of the month again. I’ve bought a ton of new beauty products over the past few weeks and some of them have even made it into my daily makeup routine. Since I have been using these products frequently I shall – as always – share my beauty finds with you guys, ‘cause sharing is caring right?!

July Favorites

Jul 28, 2015
Over the past couple of weeks, I have discovered a few beauty products that I’ve been loving lately. I have been using them constantly and consistently for the past two months now and it’s all because they are that awesome!