So now that spring and summer are in full force, I have selected some of my all time favorite fragrances that I love to shower with during the warmer days. Who knows if one of these fragrances will end up being your future signature scent as well?!

Best Concealers

Apr 26, 2016
There are several remedies to help get rid off dark circles. A healthy lifestyle is one of them; drink enough water, get enough vitamin C in your system and most importantly, make sure you rest well, are the very few I hear a lot around me and I am still working on it. Since dark circles don’t go away overnight and while this whole healthy lifestyle is still work in progress I can surely use some help on the beauty department – my old trusty concealers!

Top 5 MLBB Lipsticks

Nov 15, 2015
MLBB’s, also known as ‘My Lips But Better’ lipsticks, often offer lip colors with a nice subtle rosy nude color. I have been a fan of MLBB lipsticks for the past couple of years now and they have been my favorite go-to lipsticks ever since.

Top 5 Lip Balms

Sep 26, 2015
Are you also addicted to lip balms? Now you see, I have a thing for lip balms; I like to have at least one in all of my bags just to know I am set whenever I go out. And it gets even crazier since I always make sure that every area of my house has a lip balm.
I am such a lipstick fanatic and it’s even getting a bit out of control. I have a weakness for lipsticks, especially for the bold and bright colored ones. When it comes to my eye makeup, I pretty much stay minimalistic, just some eyeliner and mascara and I’m set. Though my makeup is very simple, I do go all the way with lip colors. I like how a lipstick color can simply change up the whole look; you can either go sweet and soft or bold and bright.