As the weather is slowly but surely changing right now, I thought I should go with the flow and might start adding more lighter and neutral tones into my outfits as well – just to brighten things up.

4 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Dec 22, 2015
If layering clothes isn’t an option on these particular days then there’s only one way to go and that is wearing a scarf and you might want to wear a thick one as well.

Boyfriend Shirt

Dec 8, 2015
The weather was chilly on this particular day. The sky was surrounded by lots of clouds, with now and then a little bit of that peek a boo sunshine, so it surely wasn’t a dress-less-kind-of-day. Here I’m wearing a four-layered outfit, or secretly even five if I include my tee that I’m wearing underneath. This could actually be the most layers that I’ve ever worn so far.
As I am writing this blog post I realize how much I have been wearing flannel shirts lately. It could be a phase or just simply because they add a nice flair to any outfit. I have been wearing them alone on some warmer days or I’ll attempt to get creative and start layering it with some other ensembles on colder days.
Knitwear has become one of the most important apparel in my closet lately, as a matter of fact, it’s what I have been wearing for the last couple of weeks now. So when I saw this cute and fluffy off-white jumper hanging in the store I had no choice but to fall in love with it.