Food Festival

Dec 15, 2015
My first time attending a food festival and I have to say I enjoyed it very much! There’s nothing more comforting than being surrounded by food and being able to pick and choose whatever you like to eat.

Barcelona Haul

Sep 21, 2015
It’s already been a couple of weeks now since I got back from my trip to Barcelona, and I’m still missing the city till this day. There were tons of fun things to do beside sightseeing, and all the great foods. For all you shopaholics out there (including myself), if you want to shop till you drop then Barcelona is the place where you want to be! I just got lost while shopping, and bought some nice goodies during my trip. From tech stuff to beauty stuff you’ll find them all in this Barcelona haul post.

Journey of Barcelona

Sep 16, 2015
Oh, how I miss Barcelona! Barcelona was really great - in fact, it was so good that I have fallen in love with this super inspirational city; you just can’t go wrong with this historical place of heaven! Literally, no matter where you go you’ll be left in awe with the beautiful architecture buildings.
Finally, after three (long) years, I’ve booked my vacation! My next destination will be the gorgeous city of Spain, Barcelona; I can’t wait to meet this historical city that is full of beautiful architecture.