About Me

Hi there,

Welcome to RevealMyStyle, a personal blog where I share my love for fashion and beauty. My name is Chrystal Leung, a girl who happens to live in an inspiring and loving yet small country called The Netherlands.


As a little girl, I have always been intrigued by fashion. Looking back at those days where I played with my mom’s clothes and accessories makes me realize how fashion has come to a full circle. The best part of fashion nowadays, is that there are no boundaries. The 00s are all about reliving those trends but with a modernized twist. I love the freedom of fashion, where we can play and discover ourselves beneath those fabrics. It fascinates me how a garment can change someone’s look, mood or even boost their self-confidence and the same applies to beauty products.


As fashion goes for me, I like to mix and match my outfits. If I have to describe my style, it would be a mix between edgy and feminine, casual and minimalist, which perfectly sums up my tough, simple and carefree personality.


So with that being said, please feel free to get inspired while I share a glimpse of my wardrobe and my secret for beauty.


Love, Chrystal